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Diplomacy / International relations (IR)

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Taiwan probes free China trips used to 'influence' election

Taiwan goes to polls on January 13 to elect a new President and a new Parliament in a contest that has been dominated by relations with China [...]

Detained Iran protesters raped, sexually assaulted: Amnesty

The London-based organisation said it had shared its findings with the Iranian authorities on November 24 "but has thus far received no response" [...]

India reminds Myanmar to return to ‘federal democracy’

Following intense fighting, thousands of Myanmarese nationals including former military personnel recently sought refuge in India [...]

Ex-PM Johnson apologises to families of U.K. COVID-19 victims

The former Prime Minister, who has faced a barrage of criticism from former aides for alleged indecisiveness and a lack of scientific understanding during the pandemic, is facing two gruelling days in the witness box [...]

Indian-origin media exec. Samir Shah picked to head BBC Board

Samir Shah will take over the reins of the Board as the BBC is facing £500 million in cost-cutting with higher costs and a two year freeze on its licensing fee [...]

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Saudi Arabia and UAE as Ukraine war grinds on

Mr. Putin landed in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates, a federation of seven sheikhdoms now hosting the United Nations' COP28 climate talks [...]

Italy withdraws from China's Belt and Road project

The deal was due to automatically renew in March 2024 unless Italy opted out by the end of this year [...]

After a fast start, COP28 climate talks now in murky middle of hope, roadblocks

Proponents who are calling for a ground-shifting phase-out of fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal have hope for the first time in years, but also see where it could be torpedoed [...]

Taylor Swift is named Time Magazine's person of the year

Time Magazine has named Taylor Swift its person of the year [...]

Swathes of Siberia freeze in temperatures below -58 degrees C

Parts of the Sakha Republic, a region a little smaller than India, went below minus 55 overnight. [...]

Over 4.45 lakh crimes against women in 2022, one every 51 minutes: NCRB

Uttar Pradesh leads in crimes against women in absolute numbers, while Kolkata remains the safest metropolis for three consecutive years. [...]

Could AI transform healthcare in Africa?

Experts say artificial intelligence could benefit African healthcare systems, but only if they are retained in the region and involve governance. [...]

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Do computers make children ‘dumber, not smarter’?

Computers have a negative influence on children’s development, say 40 researchers petitioning to stop digitisation in German schools. [...]

ED officer’s arrest in bribery scandal ignites political controversy in Tamil Nadu

Arrest raises questions about agency’s conduct and intensifies tensions between State and the Centre. [...]

BJP secures dominant 3-2 victory in Assembly elections, amplifies Congress’ 2024 challenges

Congress’ heartland debacle raises questions about the efficacy of Rahul Gandhi’s OBC pitch and demands for a caste census. [...]

B.N. Goswamy: Master who picked up whispers from the past

As in his scholarship, so in his life, BNG remained a man of principles. His aesthetic approach was rooted in a commitment to honesty and openness. [...]

Can Governors “kill” Bills passed by Assembly?

The Supreme Court’s strictures on the conduct of R.N. Ravi expose the Tamil Nadu Governor’s scant regard for the Apex court’s rulings. [...]

Javier Milei: Can Argentina’s rabble-rouser turn realist?

As he takes office on December 10, the 53-year-old economist-turned-politician has significantly toned down his rhetoric. [...]

NFT: Bubble burst for now, but is there a future?

The digital assets, which were a pandemic curiosity, experienced a massive rise in value before a huge crash. [...]

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