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The reappointment of Ravi Shastri as Team India’s head coach was on expected lines and is wise (‘Sport’ page, “Ravi Shastri’s tryst with head coach po [...]

In spite of its poor performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha election and knowing well that it is a sinking ship, the high command of the Indian National Co [...]

Is the government contemplating a change in its ‘No First Use’ policy to checkmate Pakistan or is this mere posturing to lure the people into believin [...]

It is a matter of concern that the situation in Kashmir is still not normal (“Curbs on movement back in Kashmir following clashes”, August 19). Recurr [...]

Two reports from Kerala, “Pet dogs save goat herd amid Kerala floods” (August 18) and “Lone sentinel of Kavalappara rescued” (August 17), once again p [...]

 In mandating a corporate social responsibility spend under the Companies Act, we in India have followed a widely accepted global trend. But a prescri [...]

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