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Apple loses bid to appeal order allowing consumer antitrust class action

Apple has failed to persuade a U.S. appeals court to consider blocking a class action that accuses the iPhone maker of monopolizing the market for iPhone apps and keeping prices artificially high for tens of millions of customers. [...]

Top EU data regulator says tech giants working closely on AI compliance

The world’s leading internet firms are engaging extensively with regulators in the European Union to ensure their artificial-intelligence products do not fall foul of the bloc’s strict data protection rules. [...]

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman pledges to donate most of his wealth

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is joining a high-profile list of more than 240 wealthy philanthropists committed to donating over half their fortunes [...]

U.S. court to hear challenges to potential TikTok ban in September

A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday set a fast-track schedule to consider the legal challenges to a new law requiring China-based ByteDance to divest TikTok’s U.S. assets  [...]

AI darling Nvidia's market value surges closer to Apple

Nvidia’s shares rallied around 6% to hit a record high on Tuesday, leaving the AI chipmaker’s stock market value about $100 billion away from overtaking Apple [...]

OpenAI sets up safety committee as it starts training new model

OpenAI has formed a Safety and Security Committee that will be led by board members, as it begins training its next artificial intelligece model [...]

Google, Amazon, Apple lobby group opposes India's EU-like antitrust proposal

Google, Amazon and Apple have asked India to rethink its proposed EU-like competiton law on grounds that regulations against data use and preferential treatment of partners could raise costs [...]

82% Indians against use of GenAI in election campaigns: Report

As misinformation becomes harder to detect and more widespread, 81% of Indians worry that the content they consume online could be altered to fuel misinformation.  [...]

CERT-In issues alert for high severity vulnerability in Google Chrome  

India’s Computer Emergency response Team, CERT-In, issued a high severity warning for Google Chrome for Windows and Mac users   [...]

How an altered protein and fussy neurons conspire to cause microcephaly

A gene called SASS6 and its variants have been implicated in a developmental process that causes microcephaly [...]

IIT-Bombay, TCS to build India’s first Quantum Diamond Microchip Imager

The Quantum Diamond Microchip Imager, an advanced sensing tool for semiconductor chip imaging, will help reduce the chances of chip failures and improve the efficiency of electronic devices [...]

Why are planets formed in a spherical shape?

Have a question The Hindu’s Science desk can answer? Write to [email protected] with the subject ‘Question Corner’. [...]

How clothed pig carcasses are revealing the secrets of mummification

Taphonomists study the environmental forces that drive changes to a body after death. [...]

Mosquito species from Asia pose growing risk to Africa’s anti-malaria efforts

The spread of An. stephensi is particularly concerning because the mosquito has a number of characteristics that make it difficult to control [...]

What causes landslides? Can we predict them to save lives?

While it is too early for official confirmation, estimates place the death toll between 690 and 2,000 people, with thousands more missing [...]

India's space startup Agnikul Cosmos calls off maiden rocket launch for a fourth time

Launches of India's second privately built rocket had been aborted three times before because of technical issues [...]

Copper becomes unexpectedly hard under extreme strain rate

The findings could lead to new ways to design devices for “extreme conditions like high-speed manufacturing or aerospace engineering” [...]

What are colours and how do people understand them? | Explained

Colour is a type of information our eyes receive and process based on electromagnetic radiation [...]

Second landslide, disease outbreak fears loom at site of Papua New Guinea disaster

The Papua New Guinea government has officially asked the United Nations for additional help and to coordinate contributions from individual nations [...]

Menstrual hygiene in Indian prisons | Explained

What are the various policies and schemes introduced by the Indian government with respect to menstrual hygiene management? What did a study in a Maharashtra prison reveal about women prisoners and their access to water and sanitation facilities? [...]

A recent amendment to the Philippine Medical Act of 1959 follows years of persistent requests from India, recognising the Philippines as a leading global destination for medical education. [...]

TB screening tool launched to enhance healthcare access for vulnerable groups

The tool will leverage accessible solutions to aid in detection of TB; it aims to enhance access to doctor teleconsultations, provide affordable health products and disseminate credible, disease-specific information to vulnerable population groups [...]

How movement, mudras and music heal the mind

May being the Mental Health Awareness month, we look at the therapeutic effects of Indian classical arts [...]

N. V. Ramana was speaking at the Diabetes Expo in Hyderabad, organised by Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre (DMDSC); the event saw thousands of participants engaging with experts in diabetes management, diet and fitness activities. [...]

Art against Cancer, an initiative to raise awareness about bladder cancer

Each  artwork at the exhibition shared the artists’ interpretation of the theme and their support for the fight against bladder cancer [...]

Why COVID vaccine safety needs scrutiny | Explained

Why has the Indian Council for Medical Research, which was involved in developing Covaxin, the indigenous COVID vaccine together with Bharat Biotech, criticised a BHU study? What are the key findings? Why should examining vaccine safety be a priority? [...]

The DPH has roped in ECHO India, a not-for-profit organisation, and staff can use their digital platform to access content and training [...]

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