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Diplomacy / International relations (IR)

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More than 10,000 people waving white flags gathered for the rally in Bannu, where a suicide bomber on Monday rammed an explosive-packed vehicle into an army enclave, killing eight Pakistani troops [...]

All eyes on poll date in Sri Lanka amid concern over Bill

While constitutional experts noted the gazette had no implication on the coming presidential election, government critics and lawyers question the timing of the gazette [...]

Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory ‘illegal’: U.N. top court

Advisory opinion of The Hague-based International Court of Justice is not binding; Netanyahu slams ruling as a ‘decision of lies’ [...]

Watch: Trump rises, Biden shaky :Why India should pay attention

What are the major issues for the US voters, and what will decision 2024 in the US mean for India? [...]

Bangladesh unrest: 105 dead, TV news off air, jail stormed

Student protesters stormed a jail in the central Bangladeshi district of Narsingdi and freed the facility’s inmates before setting it on fire, as police struggled to quell unrest, with huge rallies in Dhaka despite a police ban on public gatherings. [...]

Paris Olympics 2024: The great Seine cleanup

Cleaning up the Seine formed a crucial part of Paris’ bid for the 2024 Olympics.   [...]

What is Project 2025?: A conservative policy agenda for Trump 2.0

A 900-page policy paper penned by many Trump backers, advisors and former White House officials has raised alarm across the U.S. over its extreme suggestions. Here’s why. [...]

Pacific island states, Japan express strong opposition to attempts to change status quo, either by threat or coercion  

Japan and members of the 18 Pacific Islands Forum did not mention China explicitly in a joint statement, after a three-day summit in the capital city Tokyo. [...]

With mosque attack in Oman, Islamic State group aims to show it can still strike: Expert on jihadi groups

“Islamic State has “mastered the art of shock tactics. Such attacks are designed to show its resilience, that it still exists,” Fawaz Gerges, also author of the book “ISIS: A History,” said. [...]

Vietnam Communist Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong, the country’s most powerful leader, dies at 80

Mr. Trong had dominated Vietnamese politics since 2011, when he was elected party chief [...]

The Ambani wedding: A spectacle of excess in an age of inequality

The festivity linked to the wedding was cinema and we have all just been an audience to the greatest circus trick: a disappearing moral compass.  [...]

Maharashtra Budget: Ambitious focus on welfare programmes; but where is the money?

NDA government unveils welfare schemes targeting women, youth, and farmers, but experts cite implementation challenges and strain on exchequer. [...]

Bangladesh’s student protests: A test for Sheikh Hasina’s leadership

The country with a long history of student protests finds itself in another wave of violence as demonstrations erupt against the job quota system. [...]

AECOM report reveals questionable aims in Rs.72,000 crore Great Nicobar island development plan

Report commissioned by NITI Aayog reveals a bias that may compromise tribal rights and ecological preservation. [...]

India’s immunisation crisis

India ranks among the ten worst countries in mass immunisation, alongside Nigeria, Ethiopia, Congo, Sudan, Yemen, etc. [...]

‘Raising incomes of farmers is a moral commitment’: Madhura Swaminathan 

Delivering Deshmukh Memorial Lecture in Delhi, the noted economist calls for reforms to boost farmer incomes and recognise women’s labour.  [...]

Bihar’s forgotten Gandhi Ashram cries for help

Once frequented by Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose, the Ashram in Khoraitha village is overgrown with shrubs and its walls are dilapidated. [...]

Paperclip: Pinning down truth in the age of misinformation

Digital storytelling platform fights fake news by sharing captivating anecdotes and lesser-known facts about India’s diverse cultural heritage. [...]

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