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Environment and Biodiversity (EnB)

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UN, other agencies aim to standardise measurement of environmental impacts

Major multilateral organisations will launch a new initiative next week aimed at developing a system of standards for companies, investors and financial institutions to measure their impact on global sustainability. The new Impact Management Platform is founded by four UN agencies, the OECD, and the World Bank. [...]

Cheap technology and sufficient skills already exist worldwide to achieve net-zero energy buildings – those that produce enough renewable energy to meet their annual energy demands – at costs in the range of traditional building projects, a study published recently in the Annual Review of Environment and Resources has found. [...]

As UN Secretary General makes fresh appeal for carbon neutrality, a Coalition of Indian industries sign charter for ‘near zero’ emissions by 2050

On a day when UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made a fresh appeal to countries to raise climate action ambitions at a round-table in New York, a coalition of six Indian companies on Thursday signed up an ‘Industry Charter’ for ‘near zero emissions’ by 2050. [...]

Record 212 environmental activists murdered in 2019: NGO

Colombia and the Philippines combined accounted for just over half of the confirmed deaths -- 64 and 43, respectively -- followed by Brazil, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. [...]

India’s fight against climate change and disasters needs your bold tech solutions

The spread of COVID-19 brought to the forefront the need to focus more on innovation. [...]

UN chief: Virus could push millions of Africans into poverty

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the coronavirus threatens Africa's progress and could push millions into extreme poverty. He said in a video message launching a policy report on “The Impact of COVID-19 in Africa” that countries on the continent have responded swiftly to the crisis, and as of now reported cases are lower than feared with more than 2,500 deaths. [...]

Survey to map Himalayan springs soon

As a part of the government’s plan to revive natural sources of water in the hilly region, drones would be deployed to map all the springs in the Himalayan region. Destinations such as Shimla, Mussorie, Nainital and even Gangtok often face acute water crisis. [...]

India's traditions have stressed on living in harmony with nature: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that development can be environment friendly and may not come at the cost of green assets, while asserting that India's traditions long stressed the importance of living in harmony with nature. [...]

How a 900km highway project in forested Uttarakhand sidesteps green clearance

The union environment ministry has recently informed the National Green Tribunal (NGT) that it has received no proposal for environmental clearance of “Char Dham Yatra Project” and hence the question of an environment impact assessment (EIA) study of such a project does not arise. [...]

A third of world's protected areas under threat from human activity

One-third of the world's protected areas - created to stem the loss of biodiversity - is under intense human pressure from processes including road building, grazing, and urbanisation, a study has found. [...]

Benches shut, NGT forcing petitioners to come to Delhi

Abhijit Prabhudesai, a Goa-based environmentalist, has travelled to Delhi six times since last December to appear before the National Green Tribunal’s (NGT’s) principal bench, which is hearing his petition on environmental concerns regarding the Mopa airport in north Goa. [...]

Civil society groups flag loopholes in draft National Forest Policy; Oppose PPP model of afforestation

Over 100 civil society organisations from 15 states have flagged several loopholes in the Centre’s draft National Forest Policy 2018 and questioned environment ministry over the rationale of proposing involvement of private parties in regeneration of forests. [...]

Fake meat to feed your dog, and save the planet

In America’s food-obsessed landscape, the quickest route to a new idea is to look for something already being done — and then make it vegan. Wild Earth Inc, a California startup, is doing that to pet food with lab-created proteins. Translated, that means fake meat for Fido. [...]

Govt may ease green norms to boost affordable housing

In its effort to make ‘housing for all by 2022’ a reality, the Centre proposed to ease green norms for the building and construction sector, under which projects up to 50,000 sq metres will not require prior ‘environmental clearance.’ [...]

Centre raises compensation for death and injuries in human-wildlife conflict cases

Amid reports of increasing number of casualties in human-wildlife conflicts, the Centre has enhanced compensation for death and injuries to humans in such cases and advised states to keep on organising periodic awareness campaigns to sensitise general public living near national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves. [...]

India hits 20GW solar capacity milestone

According to the latest India research report by green energy market tracker Mercom Capital, the utility-scale cumulative installations now stand at approximately 18.4 gw, with rooftop solar accounting for another 1.6 gw. [...]

Urban heat island burns hole in fog over Delhi

Urban heat island refers to the higher temperature seen in a city compared with adjacent rural areas because of intense concrete development and reduced green cover. Warmer temperatures help fog dissipate. [...]

Women who have been tortured for the environment

At the UN environment assembly in Nairobi the women’s rights organisations held a tribute ceremony on Monday. They highlighted the important role of women human rights defenders for a pollution-free future. [...]

International Solar Alliance: India's brainchild to become a legal entity on Dec 6

The International Solar Alliance, which will become a legal entity on December 6, has planned to add 1,000 gigawatt (GW) of solar power across the globe by 2030. It is estimated that the plan to create 1000 GW of solar power capacity will need an investment of nearly 1,200 billion Euros by 2030. [...]

Stalemate over inclusion of pre-2020 actions in the agenda of the ongoing UN climate conference (COP23) continues as the rich nations have, so far, not agreed to the demand of developing countries. [...]

India's rising mountains of trash

In the last two decades, Indian cities have seen a rising tide of waste that's disposed of in open dumps. Such landfills, often on fire, are only aggravating the pollution problem, contaminating both air and groundwater. [...]

River conservation: Maharashtra to organize tree plantation conclave for awareness

Maharashtra govt will organize a tree-plantation conclave at Raj Bhavan on Sept 17, to highlight its mission of planting 50 crore saplings by 2019 and to conserve and protect rivers. This will be the first plantation conclave in the country, a release issued by the state's forest department stated. [...]

How the introduction of African cheetahs to Kuno National Park could endanger the Asiatic lion, which is earmarked for translocation to those forests [...]

A video explainer on how climate change is affecting salt farming in Gujarat [...]

The Pongal Bird Count this year encourages enthusiasts to record birds from terraces, balconies, and places not far from home [...]

A.P. followed by Telangana, Odisha saw most increase: report [...]

Discovery of species, named Xylophaga nandani, by team of researchers from Kerala and Brazil [...]

Residential gardening burst on the scene during the pandemic bringing in its wake a reality check. Top gardening trends of 2022 in Kerala [...]

The relatively-uncommon sea snake was spotted by a team of bird watchers while on a water bird census [...]

The female sloth bear was rescued from a street performer in May 2006. [...]

The Mallard or the wild duck with an iridescent green or blue-headed plumage was spotted in the city [...]

Milind Tambe and Shriram Kondhawekar are cycling along the Indian coastline covering a distance of about 6,179 kilometres to highlight the ill-effects of single-use plastic [...]

When the big cats stride along compound walls or sprawl on ledges, people of Mumbai have learned to keep their cool [...]

Agaramthen lake illustrates how a waterbody can be a blessing to the local community; and the time to protect it from possible future ills is now [...]

State’s Special Task Force alone has been seizing on average one leopard skin a month since 2020 [...]

From a city-specific bird race to the Asian Waterbird Census: As annual bird migrations pick up pace, it is time for Chennai and Tamil Nadu’s various attempts at documenting these winged travels to begin [...]

Cheetah was expected to be reintroduced into the country in November 2021 in Madhya Pradesh but the plan got derailed due to the pandemic. [...]

Odisha deploys 106 personnel for bird counting on the vast waters of the lake. [...]

Oliver was nine years old [...]

No prey shortage, says official. It could be due to territorial fights, he says [...]

The fulvous whistling duck, the Asian pied starling and the Bengal weaver are the latest pin-ups for range expansion in these parts. Find out when and where they fell head over claws in love with the city [...]

We are in the middle of an unprecedented expansion in renewable energy. But it comes at a huge ecological and human cost [...]

The rare rescue mission of this 15-foot whale shark led by the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department is an exemplary story of marine conservation with the active involvement of the local community [...]

Made of pine wood, it is designed to provide comfortable nesting and can be kept on terraces, windows and compound walls [...]

A video on the transfer of thirty Southern white rhinos from South Africa to Rwanda [...]

Creatures old and new were introduced to the curious young minds of Chennai at Chennai Photo Biennale’s weekend shorewalks [...]

From conservation of rare and threatened snake species to creating mangrove forests along the coasts, here are some organisations and individuals who have continued their efforts to protect Nature through 2021 [...]

Deep thinking and concern for the future is what past generations have demonstrated in how they have constructed urban spaces [...]

A video on the new waste-to-power plant at the Bowenpally market [...]

The Odisha Forest Department suspects a case of poaching [...]

The water levels have dropped in the northern and southern extremities of the Perumbakkam wetland, and both the pheasant-tailed and the bronze-winged are making the most of it [...]

1,556 Olive Ridleys tagged in exercise that began in Odisha in January 2021 after nearly 25 years. [...]

A video explainer on nurdles, tiny plastic pellets that are rapidly degrading oceans. [...]

A resident of D’Silva Road in Mylapore and another of Sembakkam have migrants tripping over their carpet, thanks to trees in their midst [...]

Perches in high places are crucial for raptors to launch their raids. A tour of the Siruthavur lake and Perumbakkam wetland shows the rabid loyalty displayed by migratory birds of prey to their vantage points [...]

What was the proposal? Why do some countries feel the UNSC should not be given a broader mandate? [...]

Wildlife officials expect the endangered reptiles to begin breeding in the riverine system of Punjab in a few years [...]

Except Guwahati, the other cities in the Northeast have low annual PM2.5 levels [...]

Photograph of the big cat captured in a camera trap in Buxa Tiger Reserve [...]

If persistent, unpredictable rain patterns — such as the one witnessed in Chennai this year — can interfere with the breeding time-table of resident birds to the point of sending their populations crashing [...]

An understanding of Chennai’s migratory birds through an iconic wetland [...]

WCCB has conducted various species-specific operations [...]

Under a conservation breeding programme by the Bombay Natural History Society, 18 adult vultures have taken to the skies [...]

A video explainer on why apple production in India may become unsustainable. [...]

The ‘winged beauties’ are a good indicator of the ecological health of a habitat [...]

Best possible means of finding a solution to Mullaperiyar row is perhaps in the Bill, says B.R.K. Pillai. [...]

Himalayan goral, Bengal fox and a male nilgai arrived earlier this week as part of an animal exchange programme with National Zoological Park in New Delhi [...]

Sensors that set off lights along railway tracks when the animals cross might help mitigate man-animal conflict [...]

While electrocution turned fatal for 741 pachyderms, train hits led to the death of 186 mammals, says RTI reply [...]

A video explainer on how the migration of trees is affected by climate change. [...]

The proposed flyover is the first of its kind structure to be created in the State [...]

Developing economies such as India are burdened with other issues and require the help of the developed North [...]

Against the backdrop of a dengue outbreak in various parts of the country, ecologists underline the need for creating conducive environments for the natural predators of mosquitoes [...]

Sundaravel Palanivel recently reached the three-figure mark, remarkably through patch birding from his home in Pallikaranai. His observations and photographic records include around 10 rarities and many insightful avian patterns [...]

Sit in the comfort of your home and experience the dangerous wild with wildlife filmaker and presenter Suyash Keshari. He recently launched Safari With Suyash TV, the country’s first virtual OTT platform dedicated to wildlife [...]

The new butterfly park at Anamalai Tiger Reserve emphasises the need to conserve indigenous species [...]

Forest Post collaborates with six villages in Chalakudy and Karuvannur, encouraging conservation and resilient livelihoods, to preserve skills and artisan traditions [...]

The Children for Fishing Cat project in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh recruits children as ambassadors for conservation to save the predator and its home [...]

A video on the red crabs of Australia that migrate in millions during the mating season [...]

A video on how sinkholes have formed around the Dead Sea [...]

Ankit Arora is cycling around the country teaching micro-culture and sustainability to villages and communities along the way. He has also started a village in the Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu [...]

The GI tag and the newly introduced Vista dome to Haflong promises more than the usual crowd for the Judima fest in Assam [...]

Scientists say it fused into an adjacent glacier in present-day Pittoragarh. [...]

Besides photos and videos of Tirupati experiencing heavy rain and sewer overflow, the posts also include the routes to avoid. We meet the teams who run these informative accounts [...]

Swati Dhumane was attacked by Maya in Maharashtra’s Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. [...]

How does this fossil fuel impact the environment? Why is India dependent on it? [...]

The work continues, despite a recent High Court order passed by the Madurai Bench to stop the quarrying [...]

A video on how the residents of the Sunderbans are trying to protect coastal communities from extreme climate events [...]

The study was recently published in a scientific journal and brought to light some interesting facts [...]

What was discussed at COP26? What was decided? And why did the difference between 1.5°C and 2°C play such an important role? [...]

A video explainer on the Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use and why India did not sign [...]

The earth is showing us that presentations of history, readings of history as a narrative of progress are actually completely wrong, says the writer. [...]

Most of this money will be needed to scale up generation from renewable energy: think tank [...]

A video on an all-female rainforest force in Kerala conserving the Western Ghats [...]

A senior scientist and authors recall the legacy of ornithologist Sálim Ali on his 125th birth anniversary [...]

This is the first sighting of this species in Tamil Nadu; and there are only a handful of sightings from a few other parts of India [...]

There is no fixed percentage of assured finance allocated in the State budget for mitigation of its impact [...]

A video explaining the reasons behind the toxic froth in the Yamuna river near Delhi [...]

A video on a reservoir in Idlib province that has dried up for the first time in 27 years. [...]

India and China weakened the final summit decision text in the final straight, insisting language was changed from "phase out" coal to "phase down" [...]

“COP26 is real progress but much more is still to be done." [...]

India entitled to responsible use, Bhupender Yadav says of COP26. [...]

A video on how Bangladesh farmers revived a century-old technique of soil-free cultivation [...]

The insect with a 90-120 mm wingspan is found in the eastern Himalayas. [...]

During the final negotiations, China and India insisted that language on fossil fuels be weakened in the final summit decision text [...]

India intervenes to water down language on cutting emissions from coal. [...]

‘Adaptation fund’ money from developed countries continues to be a sticking point [...]

The activist claimed that she did not get her Indian passport 88 days after sending in the application. [...]

It has become a fashion to blame the farmers for air pollution: Justice Surya Kant [...]

These cute creatures that look harmless go about their lives in the open, but one needs to be wary of their enormous sickle-like incisors [...]

A video explainer on Bhadla Solar Park, the world's largest solar power park. [...]

COP27 and COP28 to be held in Egypt and UAE respectively. [...]

The country's fishing industry is seeing mass adoption of solar tech, from innovative boat design to fisheries [...]

A video on Birin, an eco-friendly, affordable fuel made from olive waste [...]

A discussion on five books that explain climate change and the road forward [...]

Why has air quality dipped to dangerous levels in north India? What role do the bursting of crackers and the burning of stubble play in the severely receding air quality? [...]

The gulf in emissions between electric and gasoline-powered vehicles has fallen in recent years as automakers cognisant that they would need to meet EU carbon reduction targets [...]

The document urges the developed countries to ‘urgently scale up’. [...]

The research found that a significant portion of this ocean plastic debris is expected to make its way onto either beaches or the seabed within three to four years. [...]

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