UPSC News | Environment and Biodiversity (EnB)

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Environment and Biodiversity (EnB)

  • Developmental Issues-Environment-News-Economic Times
  • Climate Change | The Indian Express
  • The Hindu - Environment
UN, other agencies aim to standardise measurement of environmental impacts

Major multilateral organisations will launch a new initiative next week aimed at developing a system of standards for companies, investors and financial institutions to measure their impact on global sustainability. The new Impact Management Platform is founded by four UN agencies, the OECD, and the World Bank. [...]

Cheap technology and sufficient skills already exist worldwide to achieve net-zero energy buildings – those that produce enough renewable energy to meet their annual energy demands – at costs in the range of traditional building projects, a study published recently in the Annual Review of Environment and Resources has found. [...]

As UN Secretary General makes fresh appeal for carbon neutrality, a Coalition of Indian industries sign charter for ‘near zero’ emissions by 2050

On a day when UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made a fresh appeal to countries to raise climate action ambitions at a round-table in New York, a coalition of six Indian companies on Thursday signed up an ‘Industry Charter’ for ‘near zero emissions’ by 2050. [...]

Record 212 environmental activists murdered in 2019: NGO

Colombia and the Philippines combined accounted for just over half of the confirmed deaths -- 64 and 43, respectively -- followed by Brazil, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. [...]

India’s fight against climate change and disasters needs your bold tech solutions

The spread of COVID-19 brought to the forefront the need to focus more on innovation. [...]

UN chief: Virus could push millions of Africans into poverty

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the coronavirus threatens Africa's progress and could push millions into extreme poverty. He said in a video message launching a policy report on “The Impact of COVID-19 in Africa” that countries on the continent have responded swiftly to the crisis, and as of now reported cases are lower than feared with more than 2,500 deaths. [...]

Survey to map Himalayan springs soon

As a part of the government’s plan to revive natural sources of water in the hilly region, drones would be deployed to map all the springs in the Himalayan region. Destinations such as Shimla, Mussorie, Nainital and even Gangtok often face acute water crisis. [...]

A study estimate the world’s ants collectively constitute about 12 million tonnes of dry carbon. [...]

Why are certain regions of the country experiencing higher rainfall than normal? How is the triple dip El Nina effect contributing to this change? Do these changes affect the sowing of the summer crop? [...]

Siyang, an Asiatic black bear cub, was rescued by local environmentalists when it was just one month old. [...]

Reptiles and mammals lose their skin when they get stuck in glue traps and their internal organs are left exposed. [...]

The foundation are focused on clean-up drives, waste management and other activities in the rural Himalayan region. [...]

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