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It seems like every other truck commercial

It seems like every other truck commercialAuthor "goggentahmel"It seems like every other truck commercial
goggentahmel asked 5 days ago

It seems like every other truck commercial includes a shot of some random heavy thing being dropped into a pickup bed: rocks, hay bales, giant novelty weights. Denis Leary is usually talking, or Bob Seger singing. That the truck in question doesn’t collapse like a hot marshmallow under the strain is presumably meant to prove it’s not a wimpy truck for wimpy guys who can’t get girls. (Coach Outlet Store)

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Coach Outlet Clearance Sale‘, You can use this immersion circulator in up to 30 liters, or eight gallons, of water at a time. It also equipped with large and easily visible backlit LCD displays. Unlike some sous vide immersion circulators, this one provides actual temperature readings.

Coach Outlet Clearance Sale‘, Land Cruisers are packed with gadgetry that comes into play far beyond the pavement’s end. Multiple mode traction control is standard. Crawl control functions like cruise control, but for off road adventures.

The camera is also 45g lighter than before, offers a tilting touchscreen and 4K video capture, and it weather sealed. On the downside, its battery life is 15 per cent shorter, its focus is not as fast as the sporty D500, and it drops a few megapixels. This lens is surprisingly lightweight at just 230g, and quite compact despite a flared front. (Ray Ban Glasses For Women)

Store garlic in oil. There has been some controversy about storing garlic in oil, as keeping garlic infused oil at room temperature has been associated with the growth of the bacteria clostridium botulinum which can cause a fatal illness known as botulism. However, if the garlic oil is stored in the freezer, the risk of it developing this bacteria are removed.[5] To safely store garlic in oil:. (Ray Ban Black Friday)

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