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How much Luck Factor counts in CSE

How much Luck Factor counts in CSECategory: UPSCHow much Luck Factor counts in CSE
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

Hi Folks ,

Many of you must have good experience of appearing in CSE and some of you might have seen tough phases during preparation of exam.

Just wanted to know from you guys that does Luck factor play any role in selection , or its purely hard work which counts. I have observed that some good candidate ( my friends) not getting into roll list even after 2-3 attempts and could not find place by just 2-3 marks , and by no means they are average candidate ,some of them are IIT-JEE top ranker. other hand I have seen from last few years that many candidate cracks CSE in first attempt.

This is just a random question ,as you guys are experience and know in and out of CSE exams so just thought to know your views.

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