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How to find remainder – 2 : Fermat’s little theorem

How to find remainder – 2 : Fermat’s little theorem

So continuing discussion from our last post How to find remainder – 1 – Euler’s theorem, now we will discuss Fermat’s little theorem which can be easily used in questions where the divisor is...

graph of x2+2x+8_webmaggu

Graph Modification

Sometimes we come across questions related to graphs modification. These questions may look difficult in the first sight but are really easy to crack if we know some of the fundas. The questions may be...


Roots of a Quadratic Equation

A quadratic equation is a polynomial equation of the second degree. In other words, a second degree polynomial in x equated to 0, where coefficient of x^2 =/=0 will be a quadratic equation. The general form is ax^2 + bx...

squares of numbers

Squares of numbers from 1 to 30

For making your calculation faster you must remember the squares of  numbers from 1 to 30. Here is a collection of squares which could be easily remembered. Sq. 1 = 1          ...

A small Divisibility Trick for any number

A small Divisibility Trick for any number

Sometimes it becomes very cumbersome to check the divisibility by the conventional methods specially in case of 7, 11, 13…. etc. Since the divisibility methods corresponding to these numbers takes good amount of time,...


Is √x² = x or -x or none.

Crawl through various forums of mathematics & MBA preparation  and you will find people searching for a clue whether √x² = x or -x or what …. Now to solve this situation, always remember in...

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