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[CAT] How to prepare VA for CAT (UPSC aspirants can also read)

Wonder Boy

A Web Enthusiast, IITian - AIR 3690, BCECE - AIR 5, All casual CATs, CAT 19 : (QA: 98.30), CAT 18 : 98.91(QA: 99.33,17 IIM Calls), CAT 17 : 98.95(QA: 98.04,17 IIM Calls), XAT 17 : XLRI convert, CAT16 : (QA: 98.70)- IIM I call.

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4 Responses

  1. Wonder Boy says:

    Hmmm… points to be noted @solanki will add your points in the article..

  2. it is fine..:) but I think newspaper and GRE words are included in many suggestions over internet…but I think if someone watches news debates or any kind of discussions of their interest and start participating in content writing over that topic or discussing in any forum,community ..ofcourse not twitter….like sophisticated groups…they will lack of good words..and that’s exactly when they will automatically serach for good words for that context… i think this will help knowing a new word and remembering them a lottt…
    because by reading they can obviously memorize new words but they tend to forget them within very short time…happened with me I stopped memorizing in that bookish way..
    and when our peer group use some words which we don’t know..we tend to notice it very quickly and grasp it faster…so discussion over good topics of your choice or writing articles will help a lotttt…
    and besides start thinking in english too..start expressing your emotions,thoughts inside you in english only…like while in situations you talk to yourself…that also do in english…soon after sometime you will feel like you are no less than a native englishman..:P

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