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How to choose Optional Subject for Mains?

Amita Dokhale

A passionate reader ! A newbie in Marketing Management at IMT Ghaziabad. I love to play Table Tennis.

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4 Responses

  1. Jatin kumar saxena says:

    Hiii sir/madam

    What we can do is prepare for the history or geography of the IAS

    • Hi Jatin,
      1.Go through the syllabus of exam
      2.Finish NCERT books from class 6th to 12th for History and Geography
      3.Keep following regularly
      4.Refer books, once NCERT is done Bipin Chandra and RS Sharma books for History
      5.Books by Majid Hussain and oxford atlas etc

  2. prerna says:

    hii all
    I am just a beginner please help me out with books and directions how to study for upsc?

    • Hi Prerna,

      Make a detailed timetable, how many hours you will study at what time, which topics you will cover.Make timetable weekly.Start with class 6th NCERT for social science and science and eventually go for higher standards.
      Some books which you must read are
      Laxmikant, Ramesh Singh
      Do refer CSR,Pratiyogita Darpan

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