Practice Test 1:LR

Amita Dokhale

A passionate reader ! A newbie in Marketing Management at IMT Ghaziabad. I love to play Table Tennis.

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  1. Wonder Boy says:

    Q3. Following are the conditions which can be deduced from the question :
    R —-X—-> S, S Rh, D P, P F .
    1. a.) If K is there D is also there., if R is there P is also there… D and P can’t be there so not possible.
    b.) A group of four can have two women i.e. F & K . If K is there D is also there. so 4th one can be R(will require P), S (will require Rh), P(not possible with D), Rh (will require S). Not possible.
    c.) A group of four can have all four men. SInce S and Rh will be together, so lets consider them as 2 out of 4 persons (if we exclude both we can’t make a group of 4 men. Also R cant be with S
    so possibilities are : S Rh P D(P, D cant be together) . Not possible,
    Ans. D

    2. a.) R P F Rh (require S). Not possible
    b.) S Rh K D (requires F) Not possible
    c.) S Rh F D Possible.
    d.) F D R P (D & P can’t be together)
    Ans . C

    3. a.) D(requires F) R Rh (requires S). Not possible.
    b.) P S Rh Possible.
    c.) K D(requires F) S (requires Rh). Not possible.
    d.) F D R (requires P). Not possible.
    Ans. B

  2. Wonder Boy says:

    Q1. I got the following combination for this question :
    Dept. M F M F I H I
    Name A H J S V D R
    Shirt bu bl r p y c w
    Ans 1. C (Surya, Hitesh)
    Ans 2. A (White)
    Ans 3. C (Pink)

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