Practice Test 1: Quant

Amita Dokhale

A passionate reader ! A newbie in Marketing Management at IMT Ghaziabad. I love to play Table Tennis.

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5 Responses

  1. Wonder Boy says:

    7. When the centers of two circles i.e. P & Q passes through the other circle. APQ forms an equilateral triangle with side = r where r = radius of circle. so max /_APQ = 60`
    When two circles just touch each other APQ is a straight line and /_APQ = 0`
    So Ans d.

  2. Wonder Boy says:

    6 . Question seems incomplete. Please complete this question.

  3. Wonder Boy says:

    2. The probability that the red ball selected is the smallest red ball, is 1/6 (since balls are of different sizes.)
    Ans C

  4. Wonder Boy says:

    4. volume of cuboid = 8 x 11 x 2
    Let length of rod = h
    Since cuboid is melted and molded into a rod. So 8x 11 x 2 = (22/7) x (4)^2 x h –> h = 3.5
    Ans B.

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